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[Rising Knowledge] How many degrees can high temperature bearings withstand?

2021-11-01 13:17

The bearing temperature value of the high temperature bearing is mainly determined by the material of the bearing. The variety and material are different, and the high temperature resistance is also different.

The temperature classes of high temperature bearings are as follows:
(1)0~600 high temperature bearing
General temperature level is divided into 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, commonly used temperature level for 300 and 500 two levels.
(2)600~800 high temperature bearings
Such high temperature bearings are generally divided into two types, full high temperature steel high temperature bearings and ceramic hybrid high temperature bearings.
(3)800-1200 high temperature bearings
Such bearings are generally made of silicon nitride ceramics as raw materials to replace the high temperature environment that steel is difficult to reach.
The temperature classification of high temperature bearings is as follows:
1. High temperature resistance of ordinary bearing steel: 150-200 ℃
(Its structure is full of rolling elements, short service life, and high maintenance costs in the later period)
2. High temperature alloy steel: 300-500 ℃
(Its structure includes two kinds of cage and full rolling element; the service life is more than one year, recommended)
3. Silicon nitride ceramic rolling element: 800-1200 ℃
(Its structure is full of rolling elements, long service life, and high cost) If your use environment does not exceed 500°C, you can adopt the second material.
The high temperature bearing method should be selected according to the actual application environment, such as: the harsh environment and the high speed must be used to contain the cage, sealing ring and imported high temperature grease.
Structural classification of 2. high temperature bearings
2.1 conventional bearing structure
Because there is no cage for high-temperature bearings with this type of structure, the number of rolling elements is increased, which greatly increases the characteristics of heavy-load and low-speed bearings, and has a long service life. The temperature range for high-temperature bearings is 0 -- 800.
However, the disadvantage is that the limit speed of such high-temperature bearings is low, generally not more than 100r/min, and bearings with larger inner diameters will be lower. The categories that meet such bearing conditions are: deep groove ball bearings, self-aligning ball bearings, single row cylindrical roller bearings and outer spherical ball bearings.


It should be noted that the high speed mentioned here is not that the bearing can reach a very high limit speed, but that compared with the "full rolling element high temperature bearing", it can generally reach the national standard limit speed of 70% to 80% of the ordinary bearing due to factors such as bearing clearance. Such bearings can withstand a temperature range within 600.

2.2 full ceramic or hybrid ceramic bearings


Ceramic bearings can generally withstand very high temperatures, and the limit temperature can reach 1200.
However, it can only be achieved with ceramic cages, graphite cages or no cages. The temperature resistance of hybrid ceramic bearings (steel inner and outer rings and ceramic balls) is lower. If matched with steel cages, it can only reach the 600 limit. Temperature, but due to the high hardness and light weight of ceramic balls.