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Shanghai Shang Shaft Bearing Quality Inspection Institute Co., Ltd.

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Address: 301 Shangxue Road, Jiading District, Shanghai

Shanghai Shang Shaft Bearing Quality Inspection Institute successfully passed the on-site re-evaluation of CNAS laboratory accreditation in 2020

2020-12-01 14:03

 November 06-08, 2020 CNAS on-site review team of 4 people, according to the requirements of the relevant tasks of our institute.Laboratory Accreditation"Re-evaluationThrough intense and efficient work, the review team conducted an objective and fair work inspection and evaluation of our institute according to the requirements of the on-site review, pointed out the deficiencies and defects in the implementation of various standards and the operation of our own system, and finally issued a total of 7 non-conformities. In view of these non-conformities, our institute immediately launched the corresponding rectification work, formulated the rectification plan in time, determined the causes of the non-conformities after careful analysis and inspection, and then took corresponding rectification measures according to the different situations of each non-conformities: and carried out the corresponding effect verification after the implementation of the relevant rectification measures. After nearly a month's efforts, the rectification work has been basically completed. 

  Through this review, there is a lack of understanding and management ability in equipment management, uncertainty assessment, external services and services. We recognize that we will continue to improve and improve to better meet the relevant requirements of the government and the market, and better serve our customers.