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Cage knowledge

2020-11-01 16:09

The cage in the bearing plays an equal distance to isolate the rolling body, guide and drive the rolling body to rotate, and the cage also plays a role in preventing the rolling body from falling in the separation bearing.

When the bearing is working, the cage is mainly affected by friction and tensionExtension effect, and subject to a certain impact, so the material required to manufacture the cage has the following performance:

1、certain strength and toughness

2、Good elasticity and stiffness

3、Small friction coefficient and good wear resistance

4、Coefficient of thermal expansion close to that of the rolling element

5、Good process performance

Common: carbon steel structure, copper and copper alloy, non-metallic materials, etc.

Carbon steel structure

Used in the manufacture of wave-shaped, box-shaped, chrysanthemum-shaped stamping cage and dust cover, retaining ring, sealing ring skeleton, etc., with a wide range of temperature, chemical oil resistance and other advantages. Common steel types are:08,10,08F,10ForJISStandardSPCC,DINStandardST12,ST14Wait.

Non-metallic materials


This kind of material is light in weight, easy to form and has good vibration reduction and noise reduction performance. Phenolic adhesive tube has high mechanical properties, axial compressive strength>=180MPaRadial tensile strength>=70MPa,axial tensile strength>=100MPa; toughened nylon66PA66-GF25), used for working temperature lower120The bearing cage with high strength is a kind of engineering plastic commonly used in the cage at present.

In many cases, the reason for the damage of the cage is not the life of the bearing itself, but other factors, such:


(1)Insufficient lubrication.The lubricating oil or grease is dried out, and the retainer is not added in time (maintenance), which causes the holder to be stuck. Some of them are because the motor manufacturer does not fully understand the operating conditions of the motor, and the selected grease does not meet the requirements. More often, the motor users fail to supplement the grease as required.
(2)Impact load.The intense vibration in the impact load produces an impact of the rolling elements on the cage. This problem is more common in the motor of the matching ball mill. In order to avoid this problem, many motor manufacturers have replaced the ball bearings into column bearings, and the problem has been basically solved.
(3)Cleanliness.Due to improper protection during motor assembly or use, dust enters, resulting in serious friction between the rolling element and the cage, resulting in damage to the cage.
(4)Installation issues.The bearing is not installed correctly and the cage is damaged during installation.
(5)Cage abnormal load.Problems such as inadequate installation, tilt, and excessive interference can easily reduce bearing clearance, aggravate friction and heat, and cause abnormal spalling.
(6)Material defects.Cracks, foreign matters, shrinkage holes, bubbles, missing nails, pad nails or gaps between the joint surfaces of the two half cages belong to the quality problems of the bearing itself.
(7)Other reasons.During the installation and use of the motor, the coupling does not match, resulting in bearing skew and uneven stress. The belt is installed too tight. Environmental problems, etc. can damage the cage.