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Joint bearing

2019-08-02 10:55

Classification of joint bearings

Generally, the outer diameter of the inner ring and the inner diameter of the outer ring are equal diameter spherical surfaces, and the inner and outer rings move around the center of the ball. The movement form is sliding friction. The two movement pairs can be lined with antifriction materials to reduce friction loss. The antifriction material can also be directly selected as the movement pair material, and can also be lubricated by oil injection. Its structure also has the form of internal thread or external thread rod end.

Common classifications can be:

1. Non-self-lubricating joint bearings (lubricated by grease injection)

2. Self-lubricating joint bearing (self-lubricating with antifriction material or antifriction liner)

3. Split joint bearing

4. Notch type joint bearing

5. Extrusion type joint bearing

6. centripetal joint bearing

7. Thrust joint bearing

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