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Original records need to comply with the "six characteristics"

2020-11-01 15:54




The original records shall reflect the originality of the inspection process.
Observations and data should be recorded at the time of generation, and should not be recalled afterwards, recorded separately, copied or irrelevant, but specific calculation steps can be implemented subsequently as required.



During the preparation of the original records, the operability of the records should be fully considered.

The operability of the original record is guaranteed by using the standard language, the standard description statement of the detection basis, the data table with simple and easy to use/appropriate size, and leaving enough filling space for each detection data.

According to the characteristics of the test items, the position sequence of each test item in the original record can be arranged according to the test process sequence or the standard clause sequence, so as to improve the operability of the original record.





The original recorded data must be true, and the expression of the data should be true and correct response to the output of the measuring instrument, including: numerical value, effective number of digits, unit, and the error of the measuring instrument needs to be recorded if necessary.




The laboratory shall ensure that the original record format used is a valid controlled version.




The original record shall be a complete record of various method conditions in the test, and shall contain sufficient information, including but not limited to: test environment information, test conditions, instruments used, instrument settings, test date and personnel of each test, date and person in charge of reviewing data results, etc., so as to identify the influencing factors of uncertainty when possible, and ensure that the test can be repeated as close as possible to the original conditions.

For the qualified test items after rectification, the original unqualified original data and rectification methods shall be retained in the records.




The content of the original record is an important source of the inspection report. In order to facilitate the generation of the test report, the original record content shall completely reflect the test basis, test items, test methods, test data and necessary process data.

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