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If the laboratory changes its director, will the system documents be changed?

2021-06-17 10:47


doubtful point of the problem


1. Whether the document is changed or revised is decided by the laboratory itself. It cannot be said that the document will be changed after a director is changed;

2. After a long period of operation, internal audit and management review, the laboratory documents are suitable for the actual situation of the laboratory. It is not necessary to overthrow the documents again if a new director cannot be said. The file still works as before.

Just like the national leader did not say to change the previous laws after he changed his election.

3. The director does not represent the management. The director is only a member of the management. Important laboratory affairs, such as the change of documents, require the management to make decisions together.


Requirements for laboratory documentation


In accordance with Clause 8.3.2 of the CNAS-CL01, the requirements of the documents are as follows

a) The adequacy of documents shall be reviewed and approved by authorized personnel before release;

B) Review the documents regularly and update them when necessary;

c) Identify document changes and current revision status;

d) Relevant versions of applicable documents shall be available at the place of use, and their issuance shall be controlled if necessary;

e) The document has a unique identification;

f) To prevent misuse of obsolete documents, obsolete documents retained for any purpose should be appropriately marked.



Role of laboratory management


The role of management under CNAS-CL01 clause 5.7 is as follows

The laboratory management shall ensure that:

a) Communicate the effectiveness of the management system and the importance of meeting customer and other requirements;

B) Maintain the integrity of the management system when planning and implementing changes to the management system.





The laboratory has a new director, and it is OK to change the name of the director in the system document. There is no need to bother to revise the document. The system does not require it, and there is no need for actual operation.

There is only one reason for revising or changing documents, that is, it really needs to be revised or changed.

Instead of changing the document with a new director.

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