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Characteristics, uses and representative steel grades of bearing steel series in China

2020-07-29 10:09

1. High carbon chromium bearing steel

Features:The overall performance is good, the production is the most, the spheroidizing annealing has good cutting performance, quenching and tempering after high hardness, wear resistance and contact fatigue strength is high.

Use:Used for making various bearing rings and rolling elements.

Representative steel grade:GCr15、GCr15SiMn、GCr4、GCr15SiMo、 GCr18Mo。

2. Carburized bearing steel

Features:Belongs to low-carbon alloy steel, the surface after carburizing treatment has high hardness and high wear resistance, while the heart to maintain good toughness, can withstand strong impact load.

Use:Bearings with large mechanical impact loads.


Representative steel grade:G20CrMo、G20CrNiMo、G20CrNi2Mo、G20Cr2Ni4、G10CrNi3Mo、G20Cr2Mn2Mo。

3. Medium carbon bearing steel

Features:Warm processing, cold working performance is better.

Use:Wheel hub and gear and other parts with a variety of functions of the bearing components or large bearings.


Representative steel grade:There is no special medium carbon bearing steel in China, and the steel grades often borrowed from medium carbon bearings are 37CrA, 65Mn, 50CrVA, 50CrNi, 55SiMoVA.

4. Stainless bearing steel

Features:Corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance at high temperature.

UseManufacture of bearings and certain components that work in corrosive environments, and can also be used to manufacture miniature precision bearings for low-friction, low-torque instrumentation.


Representative steel grade9Cr18、9Cr18Mo。

5. High temperature bearing steel
Features:High temperature hardness, dimensional stability, high temperature oxidation resistance, low thermal expansion and high creep strength.
Use:Manufacturing aviation, aerospace industry jet engines, gas turbines and aerospace aircraft and other high-temperature work of the bearings.


Representative steel grade:8Cr4Mo4V、10Cr14Mo4、Cr4Mo4V、W18Cr4V。