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Consistency of test report with original record date

2020-07-02 15:07

 In the report issued by a laboratory, one report had a sample receiving date of 201X.5.9 and a report issuing date of 201X.5.13. However, looking at his original records, it was found that the test date was 201X.4.9-201X.4.13, with a difference of one month. The other party was asked that the reason for the failure of the report was that the customer did not pay in time, and after the customer paid, the date on the report must be the same day, the test cycle is the regular 5 days, so they report it like this.


Let's take a look at how the guidelines are said, RB/T214-2017 4.5.20 results report inspection and testing institutions shouldAccurate, clear, clear and objectiveto issue inspection and testing results, in accordance with the provisions of the inspection and testing methods, and to ensure the validity of the inspection and testing results. The results shall usually be issued in the form of inspection report or certificate. The inspection report or certificate shall at least include the following information:

      h) Inspection date. If it has a significant impact on the validity and application of the test results, the date of receipt or sampling of the sample shall be indicated.


It can be seen from the standard that there is no requirement for when to issue the report. After completing the inspection and testing task, the original records of the laboratory should be immediate. Some laboratories may integrate the original records and results of different departments into one report.Therefore, the date of the report is not necessarily the date of the test, but the date of the test and the date of the sample receipt are required to be stated in the report. So a difference of one month should be possible.


       However, one of the biggest problems in the above-described situation is the possibility of suspected false reports. We can see that the date of sample receipt is 201X.5.9, and the test date is 201X.4.9-201X.4.13. The test date is before the date of sample receipt. Serious problems.


So for such a problem, we do encounter the problem of customer arrears in our daily life, how should we do it?

Xiao Bian thinks that it should be considered in two aspects,One is your technical process.(Testing Process): Record the date of receiving the sample and the testing date in time when the sample is delivered, and issue the testing report according to the requirements of the system documents. In this way, there are three dates, one is that the date of receiving the sample needs to be clear, the other is that the testing date (which can be the range) needs to be clear, and the last is the date of issuing the report.The other is the business process., whether the report must be taken after payment or the first report is settled at the end of the year. This also requires a regulation, so here is a report issuance date.


    In general, there are four dates involved, the date of sample receipt, the date of testing, the date of issuance of the report and the date of issuance of the report. There should be no logical problems.