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What is the difference between inspection and testing?

2020-12-29 10:37

What is the difference between inspection and testing?


What is the difference between inspection and testing?

It's a bit hard to explain

It is also easy to be scolded after explanation, because the explanation is not clear enough.


Definition of inspection and testing



The activity of determining one or more characteristics of an object of conformity assessment in accordance with a procedure.( CitationGB/T 27 000-2006 "Vocabulary and General Principles of Conformity Assessment")


Inspection (Inspection

Review of a product, process, service or installation, or review of its design, and determine its compliance with specific requirements, or determine its compliance with general requirements based on professional judgment.(Citation from CNAS-CI01:2012 Guidelines for Accreditation of Inspection Agencies)



Contents of test report


CNAS-CL01: required in clause 2018Test ReportInclude at least the following:


a) Title (e. g. "Test Report", "Calibration Certificate" or "Sampling Report");

B) Name and address of the laboratory;

c) The place where laboratory activities are carried out, including customer facilities, locations other than fixed laboratory facilities, and relevant temporary or mobile facilities;

d) Mark all parts of the report as a unique identification of a part of the complete report, and a clear identification indicating the end of the report;

e) Customer name and contact information;

f) Identification of the method used;

g) Description of the article, clear identification and status of the article when necessary;

h) The date of receipt of the test or calibration item and the date of sampling that is critical to the validity and application of the results;

I) Date of implementation of laboratory activities;

j) Release date of the report;

k) The sampling plan and sampling method used by the laboratory or other institution, if relevant to the validity or application of the results;

l) A statement that the results relate only to the tested, calibrated or sampled items;

m) Results, where appropriate, with units of measurement;

n) Additions, deviations or deletions to the method;

o) Identification of the approver of the report;

p) Clear identification when results are from external suppliers.



Contents of inspection report

CNAS-CI01: as stipulated in 2012,AnyInspection ReportAll of the following shall be included:

a) Identification of the issuing authority;

B) Unique identification and date of issue;

c) Inspection date;

d) Identification of inspection items;

e) Signature or other approval mark of authorized personnel;

f) Declaration of conformity when applicable;

g) Inspection results.



Example analysis difference


Example1Building curtain wall and doors and windows

When the curtain wall (doors and windows) is evaluated as a whole, professional judgment shall be relied on, combined with scheme design, and comprehensive evaluation shall be carried out through on-site observation, test data, documents, etc., which shall be classified as inspection activities.


The on-site inspection of building curtain wall (doors and windows) that is only responsible for the test object should be classified as the inspection activity category.


Example 2:Biosafety Laboratory Engineering


The design rationality evaluation, construction quality monitoring, project quality acceptance and evaluation of biosafety laboratory engineering; the monitoring and evaluation of laboratory performance, operation safety and structural state; those that need to rely on professional judgment for scheme design and comprehensive evaluation through on-site inspection, test data judgment and document review should be classified as inspection activities.


Those who are only responsible for the results of a certain parameter measured by the laboratory and provide reference for comprehensive judgment of project quality, identification or evaluation of service performance should be classified as testing activities.