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How to ensure the security of electronic documents?

2021-11-01 13:08


Centralized management


Let information assets in the form of electronic documents become."Laboratory"information assets, rather"Individual"information assets.
Important DocumentsCentralized and unified management to prevent the loss of files due to the departure of personnel, the loss of computers, intentional or unintentional deletion operations or virus attacks.
Develop electronic document management procedures and archive and manage important electronic documents.



Instant Available


When it needs to be used, the information is the state when the information is generated, so as to prevent data loss caused by failure in the storage process and data damage caused by virus damage due to the limitation of computer technology.




Security and non-proliferation


The use of strict controlled protection mechanism, so that electronic documents in the internal use of the process of security, while preventing leakage. Do "see, can't take out; Take it out, also can't use":



(1) Filtering files copied from the internal network to the external network according to the content, that is, controlling files containing certain contents not to be copied from the internal network to the external network.


(2) If an insider who has the right to use the controlled file passes the controlled file to a third party by mail, chat tool, U disk and other means, the third party opens the file and sees the garbled code to ensure that the information is not leaked.


(3) At present, in many information systems, the system administrator has the highest authority to the system and can copy, delete and view all files without leaving any trace. This is an information security loophole. Therefore, the owner of the file should set the authority to decide who can view the file. In this working environment, the system administrator is also restricted.


(4) While closely protecting electronic documents, it is necessary to make these information assets in the form of electronic documents easy to share and access by those with permission in the laboratory to improve work efficiency and achieve information transmission in the laboratory.