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Causes of fracture of bearing cage

2020-09-01 09:52

Generally speaking, the cage of the bearing will not be damaged under reasonable working conditions, but the wrong operation in daily production will reduce the service life of the bearing cage. The following summarizes the main reasons for the fracture of the bearing cage.

1. Poor lubrication of bearings

Bearing running in a lean state, easy to form adhesive wear, so that the working surface state deterioration, adhesive wear caused by the tear is easy to enter the cage, so that the cage produces abnormal load, may cause the cage fracture.

2. Bearing creep phenomenon

Creep refers to the sliding phenomenon of the ferrule. In the case of insufficient interference on the mating surface, the load point moves to the surrounding direction due to sliding, resulting in the deviation of the ferrule relative to the shaft or the housing in the circumferential direction.

3. Abnormal load of bearing cage


Insufficient installation, inclination, excessive interference, etc. are easy to cause reduction of clearance, aggravation of friction and heat generation, surface softening, and premature abnormal peeling. With the expansion of peeling, peeling foreign matter enters the pocket of the cage, causing the cage to run blocked and generate additional load, aggravating the wear of the cage. Such deterioration of circulation may cause the cage to break.

4. Material defect of bearing cage

Cracks, large foreign metal inclusions, shrinkage holes, bubbles and riveting defects, missing nails, pad nails or gaps between the joint surfaces of the two half cages, serious riveting injuries, etc. may cause cage fracture.

5. Intrusion of bearing hard foreign matter

The invasion of foreign hard foreign bodies or other impurities aggravates the wear of the cage.