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What else should the laboratory do next after the CNAS laboratory accreditation application is submitted online?

2021-12-01 14:40


In order to improve service efficiency and enhance service effect, China National Accreditation Committee for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) the Secretariat developed the laboratory/The inspection agency approves the business online application system and is scheduled to be officially launched on September 1, 2015. Since then, CNAS has started to implement the application materials into: one copyElectronic Editionand a copyPaper versionSubmit the application at the same time. After the laboratory has registered its account number on CNAS official website, it can complete the submission of electronic application materials according to its actual situation and CNAS requirements.

Then the laboratory can begin to prepare the submission of paper application materials and the payment of application fees. (PS: The small partners of the laboratory must tell their financial affairs well. If CNAS officials do not receive the application fee, the document review will not proceed, so they must confirm with the authorities whether the application fee has been paid.)

Note: The following is the general process of 17025 laboratory.

Instructions for printing and mailing paper applications


1. Click on the application system"Print Application".

2. Print serial numbers separately1 (Application for Laboratory Accreditation), Serial No. 2 (Schedule 1 ), serial number3 (Schedule 2-1), serial number4 (Schedule 3), No. 5 (Schedule 4-1), serial number12(Schedule5-1), serial number137-1), serial number14(Schedule7-2), serial number15(Schedule7-3), serial number21{Scope of testing capability applied for (Chinese) (Simplified version),Serial Number22{Scope of Testing Capability for Application (English) (Simplified Version).


3. Click on the application system"Annex".

4. Download Schedule Serial Number1 (Schedule 2-2), serial number2 (Schedule 5-2), serial number3 (Schedule 6).

5. above printed and downloaded"Application" and "Schedule" are in duplicate.

6. Two copies shall be arranged and bound separately in the following order

(1) Application for Laboratory Accreditation

(2) Schedule1

(3) Schedule2-1

(4) Schedule2-2

(5) Schedule3

(6) Schedule4-1

(7) Schedule5-1

(8) Schedule5-2

(9) Schedule6

(10) Schedule6 Application Description Table

(11) Schedule7-1

(12) Schedule7-2

(13) Schedule7-3

(14) Scope of testing capability applied for (Chinese) (Simplified version)

(15) Scope of Testing Capability for Application (English) (Simplified Version)

7. After binding inThe top management shall sign and stamp the laboratory seal at the place of signature on page 5 of the "Application for Laboratory Accreditation.

8. After the seal is completed, the Post Accreditation Committee recognizes,Specific addresses and recipients are as follows

AddressNanhua Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing8, China National Accreditation Board for Conformity Assessment

RecipientRen Chunxiang/010-67105304 or Han Dan/010-87928504


Notice on Payment of Application Fee

1. The laboratory shall pay the application fee (RMB:500 yuan). The application fee can be imported:

Household    Name: China National Accreditation Center for Conformity Assessment

Bank: Beijing Bank Xuezhi Sub-branch

Account  No: 01090375700120111004509

Remittance use:XXXLaboratory Accreditation Application Fee

2. Fax the remittance voucher to the Accreditation Commission Finance Office after payment of the application fee,

To: Horse Instrument/010-67105220

Fax Number010-67105016

Fax Content:(1) attach the bank return toA4 on paper.;

         2) Attach the name of the payer, the name of the payer, the task number of the payer and the contact number.


3. login application system,Enter the business management system,Fill in"Bailing Information".