Inspection and testing

Surface roughness detection

Product Description

Bearing is a kind of high-precision mechanical parts, and the high precision of the surface microstructure of bearing parts is one of its main characteristics. The characteristic index of surface microtopography can be measured and evaluated by surface roughness, and its most basic parameter is the Ra parameter (the smaller the Ra value, the brighter and smoother the surface display, and the smaller the friction resistance between the friction pairs). The surface topography of a metal after machining usually consists of traces of peaks and valleys that remain in a certain direction during machining, and the Ra parameter is defined as the arithmetic mean of the peaks and valleys of each point (within the measurement range) obtained after the measurement of this trace.

The surface roughness (Ra) of the bearing working surface will affect the vibration index of the bearing and the fatigue life of the bearing, so the surface roughness of the bearing parts is one of the important quality control indexes of the bearing.

The measurement method of bearing surface roughness is clearly stipulated in the relevant national standards, and its index compliance (limit requirements) can be judged according to relevant standards, contract drawings or technical requirements during inspection.