Inspection and testing

Bearing accuracy detection

Product Description

Bearing accuracy generally includes dimensional accuracy (such as inner diameter, outer diameter, ferrule width, total assembly height, chamfer, etc.), rotation accuracy (outer ring radial runout, outer ring raceway side swing, inner ring radial runout, inner ring raceway side swing, inner/outer ring parallel difference, inner/outer ring vertical difference, etc.) and other parameters, is one of the main quality indicators of bearings.

If there is a problem with the dimensional accuracy, it can cause the user to be unable to assemble, or cause excessive contact stress after assembly, resulting in early failure of the bearing end. However, if there is any problem with the rotation accuracy, it will directly cause the host to lose its accuracy and cannot be used normally.

Bearing accuracy in international standards (ISO) and national standards (GB,DIN,ANSI,JIS,Г OCT, etc.) have clear requirements, inspection can be based on the relevant standards for qualification evaluation.