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Shanghai Shang Shaft Bearing Quality Inspection Institute Co., Ltd.

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Address: 301 Shangxue Road, Jiading District, Shanghai

The 6th Staff Meeting of Shanghai Shang Shaft Bearing Quality Inspection Institute Co., Ltd.

2024-01-26 10:43




The sixth staff meeting of Shanghai Shangxue Bearing Quality Inspection Institute Co., Ltd. was held on January 25, 2024 in Conference Room 1, 301 Shangxue Road. This conference is a staff meeting held at the beginning of the 2024 New Year when our company has completed all the work in 2023 and is also an important meeting held in a key year to fully implement the spirit of the Party's 20th Congress and the 14th Five-Year Plan. The meeting heard and deliberated the reports of "2023 Administrative Work Report of Shanghai Shangshaft Bearing Quality Inspection Institute Co., Ltd." and "2024 Administrative Work Points of Shanghai Shangshaft Bearing Quality Inspection Institute Co., Ltd." made by General Manager Sun Yun Award. The report objectively and comprehensively reviews the work done by the company in the past year, and also checks out the existing shortcomings and deficiencies. The key work objectives, overall work ideas, work points and measures for 2024 are clarified, and the work ideas of "strengthening capacity building, optimizing the talent team, devoting to image cultivation, grasping characteristic businesses, and achieving better development" are proposed. The development of the fourth year of the "14th Five-Year Plan" pointed out the direction.

At the same time, the conference heard the report on the use of business activity fees, "six gold" payment and education and training fees made by General Manager Comrade Sun Yun Award on behalf of the Finance Department in 2023. As well as the "2023 Laboratory Management Review Report" by Comrade Wang Yaqi, assistant to the general manager and head of the laboratory system. The "Implementation Plan for Over-fulfillment of Economic Indicators in 2024 of the Testing Institute" was notified, encouraging all employees to strive for the full completion of 2024 economic goals. Voted through the "Shanghai Bearing Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. Enterprise Annuity Program."

Comrade Cheng Shanqiang, executive director of the company, affirmed the company's achievements in 2023 and put forward the specific work requirements of "strengthening learning, improving understanding, increasing skills" and "strict management, following the process and acting bravely" to all employees. He hoped that all employees would work together to achieve better results and strive to exceed the 2024 work target.

All the staff of the testing institute will work hard to fully accomplish all the work objectives of 2024 with the firm confidence of "breaking the long wind and breaking the waves", the high morale of "not breaking the loulan will never return" and the strong tenacity of "sticking to the green hills and not relaxing!