Inspection and testing

Company Introduction

Bearing Product Quality Testing Center of Machinery Industry (Shanghai)/Testing Laboratory of Shanghai Bearing Technology Research Institute (once also known as Shanghai Bearing Product Quality Supervision Station, Bearing Station of Shanghai Mechanical and Electrical Product Quality Testing Center), it is a bearing product inspection and testing organization recognized and authorized by the National Certification and Accreditation Administration Committee, the China National Accreditation Committee for Conformity Assessment, the China Federation of Machinery Industry (formerly the Ministry of Machinery Industry) and other relevant national departments [the current certificate number is: Laboratory Accreditation Certificate: L1290; Qualification certificate: 160008220635; Institutional accreditation certificate: machine inspection base (2016)-02], it is also an inspection and testing institution recognized by the Shanghai Import and Export Commodity Inspection and Quarantine Bureau.

The testing center was established in 1979 and officially started its external work in March 1980 (the approval department was the former Ministry of Machinery Industry, and the document number was (80) Qi Zi 061). As a professional bearing product inspection and testing organization, it has been responsible for the national bearing industry quality supervision and inspection issued by the former Ministry of Machinery Industry for many years, and the product quality supervision and inspection and anti-counterfeiting tasks issued by the national technical supervision departments at all levels, the national export product quality supervision and inspection tasks entrusted by the Commodity Inspection Bureau, as well as the entrusted inspection, arbitration inspection, failure analysis, supervision inspection and quality consulting work of government departments at all levels, domestic and foreign bearing users, and bearing manufacturers.

The current scope of work of the testing center is:

Test items:All kinds of rolling bearings (including joint bearings), sliding bearings, bearing parts (including all kinds of rolling bodies-steel balls, cylindrical rollers, tapered rollers, spherical rollers, etc.), bearing metal materials and precision mechanical parts, etc;

Calibration items:All kinds of bearing special instruments (such as bearing vibration meter, bearing residual magnetic meter, bearing special ring gauge, roundness meter, roughness meter, etc.) and common measuring instruments (such as torsion spring meter, micrometer, caliper, indicator, etc.).

Technical advice:Detection technology, quality control method, bearing application technology, etc.

The testing center has an experienced team of professional inspectors, most of whom have more than 10 years of professional work experience, including members of the Industry Standards Committee, Industry Technology Committee, Professional Magazine Editorial Committee and other professional committees.

The testing center has more than 130 sets of various special and general testing instruments and equipment, with an original value of more than 20 million yuan, of which more than 20 sets of imported equipment (such as ZEISS and Mhar length gauges, Taylor Hobson and Mhar high-precision roundness gauges and roughness profilers, stress gauges, industrial CT, ZEISS scanning electron microscopy, etc.), with gauge block grade of 3, etc.

The testing center has a working space of 1300 square meters. The constant temperature area of more than 700 square meters.

The testing center has accumulated and collected all kinds of domestic and foreign standards, samples and professional technical data, smooth technical information, industry evaluation and leading role is significant, so it can better meet all kinds of customers' needs for bearing product inspection.

Due to development needs, the center was relocated from the southwest district of Shanghai (100 Fuxing West Road) to Ma Lu, Jiading District in early 2014. With more than 30 years of professional work experience and careful, fair and just work style, the center is dedicated to providing satisfactory services to all customers.

Address: 301 Shangxue Road, Ma Lu, Jiading District, Shanghai, Postal Code: 201801

Telephone/Fax: 86 21 64335284/64334058,