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What are the three-level audits of the report?

2022-01-28 09:02

Contents of Level 3 Audit Report


Level I Audit


Focus on the accuracy and representativeness of the test data, and the audit content includes:


① Whether the unique identification of various data is unified;
② Take samples to check whether they meet the requirements and whether the samples are valid;
③ Whether the inspection and judgment basis is correct;
④ Check whether the selection of instruments is reasonable and within the measurement verification period;
⑤ The originality, completeness and validity of inspection records;
⑥ Check whether the data is scientific and accurate, and whether the calculation formula and data processing are correct;
⑦ Whether the unit of measurement meets the requirements;
⑧ Check whether there are any typos, punctuation marks, sentences, page numbers and other languages and formats are correct. The public number [laboratory ISO17025] reminds that this kind of inspection is also very important and cannot be ignored. 

Secondary audit


Focus on the reliability of the test report, the audit content includes:


① Whether the data on which the inspection report is prepared is complete;
② Evaluate whether the inspection conclusion is consistent with the single conclusion and the original record, and whether the contents of the report conform to the actual situation of the inspection items;
③ Whether the edge data and unqualified items are rechecked according to regulations, and whether the recheck values are correct;
④ Whether the content and format of the inspection report are complete and standardized, and whether the unqualified items and inspection conclusion terms are accurate and objective;
⑤ Check whether the cover, signature page, declaration page, qualification and accessories are complete and correct, and whether they are signed and sealed;
⑥ Review the effectiveness of subcontract inspection.

Level 3 Audit


Focus on the scientific nature, impartiality and authority of the test report:


① Whether the report audit has been implemented;
② Whether the inspection basis is sufficient, whether the reference standard is accurate and valid;
Whether the test method is reasonable;
④ Whether the inspection report is legal and meets the process control requirements;
⑤ Evaluate the quality objectives of the inspection report and, if necessary, organize laboratory comparisons and other relevant measures to ensure the correctness of the test results;
⑥ Continuously summarize audit experience, explore audit procedures and techniques, improve the quality of test reports and audit efficiency, and achieve the quality objectives and continuous improvement of the department.