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What is the rule that "continuous trimming" is not allowed in data trimming?

2022-03-02 15:57

"Continuous Rapprox" Not Permitted"



Continuous RMB Not Permitted


The number of proposed revision shall be obtained by one revision after the number of revision is determined, and shall not be revised several times in accordance with the rules.


For example: rounding 15.4546, rounding interval is 1
The correct approach:
15.4546 → 15


Incorrect approach:
15.4546 → 15.455 → 15.46 → 15.5 → 16



What should we do if we inevitably have to make continuous contract revision?


In the specific implementation, sometimes the test and calculation department will first obtain the value according to the specified.One or more digits are reported., And then determined by other departments. Public number: laboratory ISO17025 reminder, In order to avoid the error of continuous modification, the following steps should be carried out.


When the rightmost non-zero number of the reported value is 5:
The value should be followed by "(+)" or "(-)" or no sign, respectively, to indicate that it has been carried out.shed, enterorNot shed but not entered.


16.50(+) indicates that the actual value is greater than the 16.50 value and is discarded as 16.50 after modification;
16.50(-) indicates that the actual value is less than 16.50 and is 16.50 by one after modification.


If it is determined that the quoted value needs to be revised, when the leftmost digit of the number to be discarded is 5 and there is no number after it or both are zero:
If there is a () number after the value, enter one; if there is a (-) number after the value, the rest will be carried out according to the rules of chapter 3.


For example, the following numbers will be rounded to several digits before judgment (the reported value will be left one more digit to one decimal place).