Inspection and testing

Swing test of joint bearing

Product Description

The swing wear test is usually a test for the assessment of the joint bearing. Generally, there are two forms of high-speed swing and low-speed swing, and there are three test environment requirements of normal temperature, high temperature and low temperature.

The joint bearing is a special kind of sliding bearing, and its movement mode is the relative movement and friction between the inner and outer two spherical surfaces. Wear is one of the main failure forms of joint bearings. The swing wear test is to verify whether the tested bearing sample can reach its due design life through a set of tests (usually based on the design parameters of the bearing).

The test is usually carried out by swinging the bearing under certain set parameters (such as load, swing frequency, swing angle, ambient temperature, etc.) on the testing machine, and the number or time that the bearing can actually withstand the swing test (no excessive wear or temperature rise). The method of swing wear test is stipulated in relevant standards at home and abroad, and its compliance requirements (limit requirements) can be judged according to the standards or contract requirements during inspection.