Inspection and testing

Bearing rolling element detection

Product Description

Rolling element refers to the mechanical parts that play a rolling friction effect between the inner and outer rings in the rolling bearing structure. Because the rolling element runs in the bearing working raceway, its own accuracy (such as diameter, roundness, spherical error, etc.) and material characteristics will directly affect the operation accuracy of the whole bearing, and affect the finished product indexes and service life such as clearance and rotation accuracy of the bearing.

Rolling body according to its shape and structure in the bearing is divided into: ball, needle roller, cylindrical roller, tapered roller, spherical roller rolling body has precision classification, its precision index is generally: diameter, length, shape error, batch variation, etc., all kinds of material index is generally similar to the bearing ring.

The measurement methods of various rolling elements are clearly stipulated in the relevant national standards, and the conformity of their indicators (limit requirements) can be judged according to the relevant standards or technical agreements of the contract during inspection.