Inspection and testing

Metrological Calibration of Bearing Ring Gauge

Product Description

Bearing is a kind of high-precision mechanical parts, its main feature is that the dimensional accuracy and geometric shape accuracy of bearing parts are very high. In order to ensure the realization of high-precision parts, high-precision measurement methods are needed. Therefore, the measurement method of bearing size is realized by directly comparing with high-precision ring gauges (inner and outer diameter standard parts). Therefore, the calibration values of these inner and outer diameter standard parts have higher precision, and the measurement and calibration of the calibration values become the key factor for bearing manufacturing enterprises, the inaccurate calibration value of standard parts will cause the benchmark value of the entire enterprise to shift, resulting in batch scrapping of products.

The measurement and calibration of ring gauge is usually carried out in a measuring room with certain environmental conditions (constant temperature and humidity). The measuring equipment should be a high-precision length measuring instrument, and the accuracy of its value traceability should be ensured.

The bearing ring gauge (inner and outer diameter standard parts) usually requires periodic metrological calibration and data monitoring to ensure the accuracy and stability of these reference data.