Inspection and testing

Enterprise culture

Quality Policy, Objectives and Commitments

1. Quality policy

Fair, scientific and accurate, service enthusiasm, excellence

The testing center implements the principles of "impartiality, independence and honesty" in its work, establishes a set of quality systems that meet the requirements of "Criteria for Accreditation and Evaluation of Testing Institutions", ISO/IEC17025:2005 "General Requirements for Testing and Calibration Laboratory Capability", CNAS/CL01:2006 "Criteria for Accreditation of Testing and Calibration Laboratories", and application instructions of CNAS Accreditation Criteria in various related fields, and operates in strict accordance with procedures. Carry out all testing/calibration activities fairly and fairly; Pay attention to the discussion of scientific testing/calibration methods to ensure the accuracy and reliability of testing/calibration data; Treat every customer and every batch of business warmly and win the trust of customers with perfect work style; Keep improving in operation so as to further meet the potential requirements of customers for testing/calibration work and continuously promote the continuous improvement and improvement of daily work.

2. Quality objectives

All services provided by the center shall meet the following standard requirements: accreditation criteria for inspection and testing institutions, ISO/IEC17025:2005 general requirements for testing and calibration laboratory capabilities, CNAS/CL01:2006 accreditation criteria for testing and calibration laboratories, application instructions of CNAS accreditation criteria in various related fields, etc., and shall comply with other relevant accreditation requirements of CNAS, CNCA and relevant accreditation organizations.

2.1 maintain good professional behavior, provide excellent service to customers, and meet customer requirements to the greatest extent permitted by laws and regulations.

The purpose of the 2.2 quality system is to provide an institutionalized operation and management norms, and to provide consistent services. It shall be ensured that each employee is familiar with the requirements of the quality system documents of the center and implements all operations strictly according to them.

2.3 maintain the original testing/calibration capabilities, and continue to expand the scope of new business, in order to continuously improve the testing/calibration capabilities, generally once a year to confirm the ability of testing items and their adaptability.

The 2.4 detection/calibration data is accurate and reliable, the report is standardized, and the error rate of the issued report is ≤ 1%.

The 2.5 shall review the conformity, effectiveness and suitability of the quality objectives of the current year every year, and shall continuously improve according to the situation to meet the new requirements.

3. Quality Commitment

3.1 treat every customer and every batch of business seriously with a non-discriminatory attitude and consistent service standards, and answer difficult questions within 3 working days.

The 3.2 assumes the obligation of confidentiality and protection of the customer's trade secrets and intellectual property rights.

Every inspection/calibration service provided by 3.3 to customers is subject to strict quality control and has corresponding quality assurance.

The 3.4 attaches great importance to the service time limit of testing/calibration work agreed with the customer, and the default rate of service time limit is less than or equal to 8%.

Under the premise that the 3.5 conforms to the standard operation of the quality system, the customer has the right to know the corresponding details of the entrusted business in the whole process of testing/calibration work, and the testing center is obliged to provide corresponding explanations to the customer.

Under the premise of conforming to the standard operation of the quality system, the 3.6 shall, as far as possible, meet some special service requirements of customers (such as sample transfer, personalized report format design, English report, etc.), and the satisfaction rate of special service requirements shall be ≥ 90%.

3.7 attention to customer complaints, according to the provisions of the acceptance and processing of complaints, complaints processing and response rate of 100.