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Bearing instrument calibration

Product Description

Bearing is a kind of high-precision mechanical parts, in order to ensure the measurement accuracy, so all kinds of bearing special measuring instruments are also equipped with their own high-precision measurement parameters and performance (such as bearing vibration measuring instrument frequency response and amplitude linearity, etc.), in order to ensure that the parameters and performance of these instruments can continue to maintain its accuracy and stability, the parameters and indicators of the instrument must be regularly calibrated.

The calibration of special instruments is usually carried out in a measuring room with certain environmental conditions (such as constant temperature and humidity), and requires a special high-precision calibration device, and to ensure the accuracy of its traceability, the calibration personnel should have the corresponding qualification and experience.

The instrument calibration items currently carried out by our center are: bearing vibration meter, residual magnetic meter, bearing special comparator (such as diameter type, height type, etc.), general three large measuring tools, etc.