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Shanghai Shang Shaft Bearing Quality Inspection Institute Co., Ltd.

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Address: 301 Shangxue Road, Jiading District, Shanghai

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The routine services carried out by the testing center include:

1, the main test items:

Finished product status:

● Accuracy detection (dimensional accuracy, rotation accuracy, etc.)

● Clearance,

● Residual magnetism,

● Rotation flexibility, appearance quality, etc;

● Vibration performance (acceleration type, speed type, peak value, etc.)

● Sealing performance (grease leakage, temperature rise, dust prevention), grease filling amount,

● Cleanliness;

● Starting torque or friction torque

● Environmental test (such as salt spray test)

● Other dimensions and shape and position error detection

Part status:

● Rolling body accuracy (such as steel ball, needle roller, all kinds of rollers)

● Surface roughness (various parameters),

● Profile surface shape error,

● Contour curvature;

●Roundness, Waviness

● Precision measurement of various lengths and angles,

● Precision measurement of various form and position errors;

● Material or heat treatment quality (hardness, metallographic microstructure, non-metallic inclusions, carbide inhomogeneity (network, band, segregation, etc.), carburized layer, decarburized layer, surface burn, crushing load, etc.)

Special tests:

● Life and reliability test;

● High and low speed swing wear test

●Joint bearing fit test

● Tensile test

● Compression test

● Static load test

All kinds of general inspection and test

● Surface stress test

● Friction and wear test

● Industrial CT detection

Various types of analysis:

● Failure analysis

● Waste analysis

2, the main calibration items:

● Standard ring gauge (inner diameter, outer diameter, taper, etc.)

● Bearing vibration meter

● Residual magnetic measuring instrument

● Roundness meter

● Roughness meter

● Bearing inner and outer diameter comparison measuring instrument

● Bearing width comparison measuring instrument

● Bearing clearance meter

● Torsion spring comparator

● Mechanical comparator

● Thousands and dial indicator

● Micrometer

● Universal calipers

3, the main technical consulting projects:

Scope of work:

Inspection technology for bearings and related products

On-line quality control technology for bearings and related products

Application technology of bearings and related products

Adjustment Technology of Special Instrument for Bearing and Related Gauge

Experience consultation on quality control techniques and quality management.