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Shanghai Shang Shaft Bearing Quality Inspection Institute Co., Ltd.

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Address: 301 Shangxue Road, Jiading District, Shanghai

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1. common service process

The service process is shown in the figure:


2. Related Service Application Details

Related Notes

1. Submission of application:In order to better understand the inspection purpose of the entrusting party, the entrusting party should try to explain the purpose and reason of its application for inspection when submitting the application, and give as much original information (such as physical objects, photos and data) as possible, so as to obtain mutual understanding, choose more appropriate inspection methods and equipment, and achieve better inspection effect and purpose. (You can download the following format template and fill in the power of attorney and send it to the mailbox)

2. Accepting applications (including review, quotation and confirmation):The time limit for accepting applications is generally 3 working days.

3. Sign the entrustment agreement:The entrusting party and the prosecution shall sign and confirm the contents of the power of attorney (if necessary, other relevant parties may sign and confirm). The following shall be specified in the power of attorney:

● Sample (name, model, quantity, picture and related information)

● Inspection items and parameters

● Inspection method (including selected test parameters)

● Inspection and judgment basis (when required)

● Name and contact information of the entrusting party

● Inspection fees and payment methods

4. Inspection process:If the prosecution encounters unexpected situations during the inspection process (not specified in the entrustment agreement), it shall communicate with the entrusting party in a timely manner (terminate the inspection if necessary), clarify the problems encountered, confirm the solution, and then continue the inspection process.

5. Payment:Payment methods include advance payment (full payment), advance payment and post-payment (pre-payment before taking the report), post-payment and other forms, the entrusting party and the prosecution shall specify the payment method in the entrustment agreement. The invoice category of the testing center is service-oriented ticket increase (tax rate is about 6%).

6. Obtain inspection report:After the completion of the whole inspection process, the prosecution will notify the entrusting party to come to collect the report and return the samples (samples kept according to regulations will not be returned). If the entrusting party needs, the center can deliver the mail and express on behalf of the entrusting party.

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